Suggested Guidelines

downloadable prescription

  1. Study Models are recommended, especially for anterior crowns and bridgework. Send with impressions.
  2. Separate Full Arch Counter-Models result in more accurate articulations and occlusal bite relationships. Wax bites or paste bite frames alone are not accurate for this purpose without a separate counter model.
  3. Full mouth impressions are always more useful than small partial arch areas.
  4. Impressions with partial in position will result in more accuate clasp repair, addition or reline. Crowns cannot be fitted to an existing partial without the partial.
  5. Reduce labial aspects tapered to incisal for crown preparations. Protrusive preparations result in protrusive labial crowns. Full circumferential chambered shoulders required for all-Ceramic crowns, beveled or chambered for metal fused crowns.
  6. Adequate rest preparations must be incorporated prior to final models for partial castings.
  7. Wet alignate and hydrocolloid impressions cannot be accurate unless poured immediately. Laboratory cannot assume responsibility for any such impressions.
  8. Try in will be suggested prior to case completion if margins, bite, esthetics, occlusions or nay other aspect appears questionable.

Payment Terms

Payment on open credit accounts is required within 30 days of statement date.

Any charges unpaid after the 30 days will be increased by 2% per month, finance charge. Any charges still outstanding after 60 days may require additional work to be completed on a C.O.D. basis. Any charges which are beyond 90 days of the original statement date are subject to collection and all collection or arbitration expenses, attorney's fees and court costs will be borne by the customer. Additional service charges may apply to past due accounts.

All claims, requests for adjustments or notification of errors must be made within thirty days or charges are considered accepted. Laboratory liability, if any, shall be limited in all events to an amount not to exceed fee paid for prosthetic devices. Prices subject to change without notice.


If one of our products is found to be unsatisfactory our Policy is to, as expeditiously as possible correct the problem. We will determine the cause of the failure and whether any charges for the corrective work are to be made. It is our Policy, when making this determination, to always give the customer the benefit of any doubt. Our focus is always to first satisfy the needs of our customer (Dentist and Patient) then, and only then, we will turn our attention to fee adjustments. The supervisor most closely related to the problem area will take as much time as necessary to discuss the matter with the customer. The actual adjustment of fees can range from full charge to no charge at all. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction and to that of his patient.

Alloy Classification

High Noble - Noble metal content of 60% or greater. At least 40% must be gold.

Noble - Noble metal content of at least 25%.

Predominently Base - Noble metal content is less than 25%.

Noble metals include gold, platinum or palladium.


In all cases where gold is prescribed, the gold content of the alloy used will appear on the invoice accompanying the completed work. In all cases where denture teeth are prescribed, the trade name of the denture teeth will appear on the invoice accompanying the completed work.