"Our services range from simple removable one tooth flippers to the most complicated implant-based full-mouth fixed restorations."

- Gene DeFranco, CEO

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viagra price onlineWe serve the Rochester, NY area through our personal courier service. Our out-of-town clients enjoy fast service through national courier companies.


Two-way communication is the key:

We provide personalized service to our customers by building a relationship between the technician and the dental practitioner. We learn each Doctor's preferences and expectations in creating our high quality aesthetic smile restorations. We tailor our restorations to each individual dental practitioner. We take into account both the doctor's and patient's aesthetic concerns as well as the function of the prosthesis. Our customers consistently tell us that typical fit times for our restorations range from 0 to 5 minutes. This leads to satisfied patients.

Your Time:

We understand the constraints of a busy practice trying to accommodate the needs of busy patients. Prodontic will work with your office to turn around your cases within your schedule without sacrificing quality.

With us you have the best of both worlds - small lab attitude for personalized service, with big lab expertise and resources. Each department is small and focused and interdepartmental communication is outstanding. We all work together on combination cases for matchless quality and we posses the latest materials while maintaining competitive fees. This is a tremendous double advantage for YOU!

Our quality is second to none and our level of service is unsurpassed.